Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chile rellenos

My sister sent me this--

I just made chiles rellenos from scratch! Never-before attempted, and
they were amazing! Better than restaurant ones, I swear. And so much
easier than I expected (lots of prep though). Have you made them?

I did it this way:

6 fresh ancho chiles - charred to remove skins (this took forever. I
broiled them about 10 minutes each side, then wrapped them in a dish
towel and put them on the screen porch to cool. Then used a serrated
knife to mostly scrape the skin off (I think I should have broiled
them a bit longer). Then split them and removed the seeds (I had to
run them under the tap to get the seeds out - they were sticking to
my fingers). Try not to mangle them too badly.

Then make batter: 3 eggs whipped, then whip in some flour - I think I
used 1/4 cup - to make batter runny like pancake batter (maybe not
quite so thick). I would salt and pepper the batter next time.

Then make sauce - I used two cans of Old El Paso Enchilada sauce to
save time. It was spicy and pretty good. I added extra garlic and salt.

Then put a nice piece of Monterey Jack cheese inside each pepper.
Heat a large enough skillet with 1/2 inch corn/canola type oil. When
perfectly hot, dip each pepper carefully in batter, getting it all
over, and lay in skillet. LAY THEM WITH THE SPLIT SIDE UP FIRST, and
try to arrange them so the split is closed, not gaping open. Cook til
good and golden on the bottom, then carefully flip each one and fry
the other side. I thought the cheese was going to run out all over
and there was going to be a mess, but they fried up very neatly.

Serve 1 or 2 each onto each plate and spoon enchilada sauce on top. I
would warm our plates next time, as they got cold really fast, and
they are better piping hot.

We had some black beans on the side, too.

It was tummy heaven.

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