Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Watch Your Cookprint!

All right, I’ve heard of “going green.” Who hasn’t? And reducing my carbon footprint –I’m all over it. Seriously. I consider myself way “greener” than the average Joe Six-pack -- I buy local, shop at thrift stores, bike often, collect water in a rain barrel, etc. But when Kate Heyhoe, author of Cooking Green: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in the Kitchen, suggested that I reduce my “cookprint,” I have to admit I was stumped.

In a recent podcast of The Splendid Table, Hostess Lynne Rossetto Kaspar and Kate Heyhoe discussed greening up your cooking. What is a "cookprint?" In a nutshell, it is reducing your actual energy expenditure in the kitchen. No, not by sitting down while watching butter melt. Instead, when you boil pasta, Kate suggests you turn the flame off after 2 minutes and let the pasta cook the rest of the way in the hot, but not boiling, water. She also recommends storing your meat in a bin in the fridge with freezer packs, so that the meat stays slightly cooler than the rest of the food in the fridge without you having to adjust the overall temperature.

I have to say, each of episode of The Splendid Table has opened my eyes and inspired me. I even turned off the grill today before my burger was cooked, and let it finish cooking from the residual heat. Then I topped it with (local) Hook’s 3- year cheddar, Sungold tomatoes from my garden and chowed down. Yum!

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