Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Heart Coffee--Barriques Market

I love coffee. I would say that I am addicted to it, but I am not sure if that is the case. I have gone without coffee for days, even weeks sometimes, without any physical side effects. I think I hold more of an emotional bond with that earthy, bitter drink.

As the mornings start later and grow colder, the warmth of that first sip helps me ease into the day. For the most part I make coffee at home, smoothing out the rough edges with some cream and a bit of sugar. Sometimes, however, I like to enjoy my coffee with friends at any one of Madison’s great coffee houses. I usually just get a regular cup o’ joe, but once in a while I splurge on a whole milk latte--I like to see the fun designs that the barista swirls into the froth.

Recently I have been enjoying my coffee at Barriques Market on Monroe Street in Madison, WI. The back of Barriques is filled with a great selection of wines (they even offer weekly tastings). An eclectic assortment of tables are set up in the front, where you can people watch out the large front windows, chat, or bury yourself in your computer. A few large wooden tables reflect the warmth of the wood floors, while smaller blue tables echo the colorful and funky gift shelf.

Aside from coffee and other standard beverages, Barriques offers house made scones, pastries from Madison Sourdough and very reasonably priced breakfasts. The breakfast sandwich, which includes eggs and local Hook’s cheddar on a French roll is only $2.50! Add local bacon or ham for another $1.25. The Hash Wrap looked superb, featuring a mixture eggs, potatoes and Hook’s cheddar all wrapped in a fresh tortilla, all for $5.65. Again, add meat for a small price.

Seasonal drink specials include a Pumpkin spice latte or Gingerbread man latte, with two shots of espresso and whipped cream.

I think I’m in love….


Fran said...

I love a little caffiend every day as well. The coffeee shop sounds great. Glad to see the tempting photos too. Good idea carrying your camera around on these forays !

Madison sure has a lot to offer in so many ways. Thanks for the clues about all the fine eateries.
Takes the guess-work out of where to go for coffee and so much other stuff.


Carolyn Jung said...

Oooh, gingerbread man latte sounds like my ideal mate! Just don't tell my husband that. ;)

Moe Rubenzahl, said...

Me too!! I wrote a similar blog entry on our best local coffee shop (Barefoot Roasters in Santa Clara, the BEST coffee place in all of the South Bay area). If you find a place that Does it Right, stick by it!!

P.S. I love your blog -- saw your comment on mine and came over to check it out. Your blog is great!!