Wednesday, March 10, 2010

(Edible) Healing Salve

I am a firm believer that we are what we eat. Day-to-day I feel much better, cleaner and more energetic if I eat healthy food that is grown as naturally as possible.

I also believe that we are what we wear.

I'm not talking about clothes, necessarily (though I do have a friend who develops rashes if she wears new, unwashed clothes--yuck!). I'm talking about body care products, like lotions. There is increasing awareness about eating locally and healthily, but many people don't think twice about what they slather onto their

I remember making a face mask as a young teen. I think it contained egg, honey and avocado. My mom joked that I would be better off eating it (she was also probably calculating the cost of the ingredients and thinking how that could feed all of us for dinner!). She would probably say the same thing about the recent batch of salve I made. It's a delicious mix of high-quality oils, essence from flowers from my garden, and beeswax. Yeah, pretty tasty stuff.

Salve is one of the easiest and most useful body products to have on hand. Making salve at home is super-easy and way more affordable than buying it. I spent about $35, including jars and have eleven 8 oz mason jars. And it's the one kitchen cooking project that leaves your skin feeling great! I use it as a lotion, diaper cream, healing salve for burns, cuts and rashes, calluses from drumming, and as lip balm. I don't know if I'd be better off eating it, but I could. And that makes me feel good inside and out.

Otehlia's All-purpose Salve

10 cups of oil
(I use a mix of grapeseed, coconut oil, pure shea butter, canola oil and olive oil)
1/2 cup lavender flowers
1 cup calendula flowers
8 oz beeswax beads
a few drops of pure, organic tea tree, lavendar oil, or other scent if you like

1.Boil and dry about enough canning jars and lids (I use small, widemouth jars) to hold 10 cups oil.

2.You can make less, if you want, using ratio of 1.5 oz beeswax per 2 cups oil.

3.Heat oils in large stock pot over very low heat. For easier clean up, use a stock pot that can be especially designated for salve.

4.Add in flowers and let heat for 1 hour or so, until flowers can release essence. Do not let them sizzle and fry!

5.Strain oil through small mesh strainer into a bowl, or large Pyrex container.

6.Stir in beeswax beads immediately until melted. The above proportions will make a pretty firm salve. Use less for softer salve.

7.Pour into clean, dry widemouth jars and let cool to room temperature before putting on lids.

8.Store in fridge or cool, dry room. It keeps refrigerated for months!!


RCakeWalk said...

I'm fascinated by what can be made at home! I rented a homeopathic skin care book from the library a while back, and you remind me that I was so excited to try some of these things! Your recipe looks great, and maybe I'll give it a shot sometime...

lisa said...

I have to keep this recipe! I do prefer to use lotions and salves that are good enough to eat, and this sounds great.