Tuesday, August 24, 2010

CSA Week 8 - Grilled Mango-Habanero Salsa

Sometimes you can have too much of a good thing, but not when it comes to grilled and roasted salsas! I love the combination of sweet fruit with hot peppers, and acidic tomatoes; mango is one of my favorite fruits to put in salsa. I know, that's nothing new, but it is so good! Recently, in a moment of infatuation with our gas grill, and fear of the impending season change, I decided to roast and grill a load of tomatoes, peppers, garlic and mango and make some salsa.

I had accumulated a huge selection of tomatoes from my garden and our CSA-Red Zebras, Green Zebras, red slicers, yellow slicers and pear tomatoes. I plopped those on the grill, and then picked a jalapeno, an aji amarillo and a habanero from my garden and placed those next to the tomatoes. A large clove of homegrown garlic that had been drying in my kitchen joined them.

Finally, I peeled and thinly sliced two mangos and put the slices on the grill. The flesh of the tomatoes and peppers charred slightly and the tomatoes began to exude delicious juice. After rotating them a few times, I took them from the grill and set them in a bowl, amazed at the rich colors and divine smell that they produced. Honestly, the simple flavors of roasted fruits and vegetables makes my heart sing in a way that nothing else can.

The smell of roasted peppers hung in the air and I quickly plopped them in the bowl along with the tomatoes. The mango caramelized nicely on each side, and the flavor grew more intense and earthy. How do I know? You think I let that mango go straight into the bowl? No way!

With all of those delicious fresh ingredients I decided to keep the rest of the salsa simple-a handful of cilantro, some fresh garlic, lime and salt. After feeding it (accompanied by pulled Willow Creek pork) to some good friends who came to celebrate my husband's birthday, I still had enough salsa left to feed an army. I quickly canned it last night, hoping to preserve some of summer's flavor and bounty for those cold days to come. I'm glad we have some summer left (still pesto and salsa verde to make!) but fall, I'm (almost) ready for you!

Grilled Mango-Habanero Salsa

12 or so tomatoes of varying sizes, plus some cherry tomatoes for fun.

2 mangos, peeled and sliced into ¼ inch thick slices.

2 cloves garlic, 1 roasted, 1 crushed

1 jalapeno

1 habanero

1 aji chile

1 tsp salt

½ cup cilantro, chopped

juice of 1 or 2 limes


Wash tomatoes and remove stems.

Grill for about 6-10 minutes, turning as neccesary until skin starts to split.

Grill mango slices the same amount of time, turning once.

Grill peppers until skin blackens and blisters a bit, turning once also. Takes about 10 minutes, but may need a bit longer.

Put 1 clove of garlic on grill with skin still on about 10 minutes, 'til soft. Turn once.

Put cilantro in food processor and pulse until chopped finely.

Put tomatoes in processor, half at a time, and pulse until just chopped.

Peel peppers if you wish, de-seed and add to processor. Start with ½ habanero at a time*

Coarsely chop mango and add to tomatoes, along with roasted garlic, in processor and pulse again until

it is chunky.

Squeeze fresh garlic, lime (start with one) and salt and pulse again.

Mix all together to taste.

Enjoy with pork, or chips or anything else you like.

*Use gloves when cutting habanero as it is very hot and will burn skin.


Amy said...

Looks amazing Otehlia! If I don't have a grill, can I roast the fruit in the oven?

My Little Space said...

Ooo... this looks wonderful with anything! It's in my list to do. Thanks alot. Have a nice day.
Cheers, kristy

RCakeWalk said...

I love mangoes, and need to get a couple, but I'm using some of the last of my garden tomatoes using your recipe! I planted cherry tomato varieties and heirlooms, and had many bowls of mixmatched tomatoes like yours. Mine are almost done now, and instead of throwing the last of them in the freezer, I'm going to do this! Thanks!

Otehlia said...

I think you could roast them in the oven. Just put them on a tray and dry roast them at about 350. it won't be quite the same as fire roasted, though, but you'll still get a nice full taste. I also recently saw a stovetop grill. Maybe you could use that? Let me know what you try.

Fresh Local and Best said...

This looks like a wonderful salsa, perfect for preserving such perfect fruit.

A Plum By Any Other Name said...

Wait one minute, let me recap ... homegrown garlic ... the season's finest salsa ingredients ... mango AND then you go on and add pulled pork? Oh man, that is gilding the lily. Sounds just lovely! Nicely done, nicely done.

Indie.Tea said...

This recipe looks just amazing...the combo of hot peppers and sweet melon must be incredible.

Weng said...

Oh that's so amazing! Thanks for sharing Otehlia!! Thanks a lot and have a nice day :)

isabella gift said...

It’s my first time to hear that mangoes mix in a salsa ingredients. Looks tasty and I would love to try it. Thanks for sharing your recipes.

Megan said...

Wow... you impress me that you just whipped this up and then canned it! I am very envious! xoxo - megan

rose platinum said...

Sour and sweet combination is really a great idea. I just hope that my mango tree produce some fruits so I can try your recipe. More recipe please! I would really love to try new recipes.

melanie giant said...

Grilled Mango-Habanero Salsa? It sounds delicious. It’s my first time to have a mango recipe and I am surprised that it is in a salsa recipe. Sweet, hot and sour combination is really delicious. I will really try this one.