Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Haze and Chautara-Two Great Madtown Eats

I went out to dinner not once, but twice--yep, you heard right--this past weekend. That's a record.

It may even have set the record for most dinners out in a 6-month time period. Makes them all the more enjoyable!

My husband and I enjoyed a date night at The Haze, one of chef Shinji Muramoto's three Madison restaurants. It is co-owned by Chefs Muramoto, Justin Carlisle and Daniel Almquist and together they create a selection of global barbeque that is out of this world!

My husband had grilled chicken over fluffy jasmine rice with a coconut-curry sauce. I chose the pork Bahn Mi, which featured layers of tender pork, cilantro and pickled veggies on a roll. They offer both Eastern and Western inspired dishes, from pulled pork on Texas toast, to lemongrass sausage, featuring locally raised meats and veggies! With each dinner item you can choose two sides-we had coleslaw with a perfectly creamy yet zingy sauce, potato salad, spicy fries with Asian dipping sauce and a fresh cucumber salad--all for only $10/person! Oh, baby, I can't wait to go back.

The next night I went out to celebrate the upcoming wedding of my friend Maggie (who rocked the cutest hot pink dress ever). We started out the bachelorette party at Madison's favorite Himalayan restaurant, Chautara. I haven't been there in ages, and so many of my friends love it. Now I know why. The food was delicious.

I had the night's special, Ahi tuna with a rich garlic-lemon sauce and wilted spinach over rice. The Ahi almost melted in my mouth, it was so tender, and the garlic was in perfect harmony with the lemon.

We finished off the night with Lemon Drops at Plan B, but that's another story that has nothing to do with food.


My Little Space said...

I'm sure you're having a fabulous night out. The food is amazing as well. Thanks for sharing & enjoy your day.
Cheers, Kristy

Cristie said...

I've eaten at Chautara - it was wonderful. But that was years ago. Your post makes me want to try it again.
My new favorite Madison restaurant is The Cilantro Bar and Grill. The owner and one of its chefs got their start with Rick Bayless in Chicago. Terrific gourmet Mexican food. Madison is so lucky to have it.

Otehlia said...

I'll have to try that restaurant. I haven't been there. Thanks for the recommendation!