Sunday, October 17, 2010

Love at First Bite-Milwaukee

My husband, Drummer Man, and I spent a weekend last month in Milwaukee. Without kids.
We were there for a very special occasion--our anniversary, and the celebration of our dear friends' wedding. And celebrate we did.

I have never spent much time in Milwaukee, even though it is just over an hour from Madison. We stayed downtown, right along the river which is a beautiful part of the city--whether you are a partying college kid, or grownups celebrating another year of marriage.

But first things first. We started the weekend right after work Friday. My mom stayed with the kids, bless her heart, and my husband and I drove straight from Madison to Milwaukee for a night on the town.

At the recommendation of Lori from Burp! we went to Crazy Water. Lori recommended so many places that sounded great, but we like the name, and the menu, at Crazy Water.

I loved it. The atmosphere was lively, yet cozy, and the wait staff seated us in a little bench-nook. It was the best seat in the house. We must have been giving off the married-couple-spending-anniversary-without-kids vibe.

The food was great, featuring lots of local flavors combined in delectable ways. We started with a bacon, escarole and apple salad with cheddar cheese dressing. And wine. For the main course I had a perfectly sweet and tender pulled pork with rice, and Drummer Man had lamb medallions and risotto. Great food in a great spot.

Fast forward 12 hours. Though tempted to stop in a brew pub or two, my husband and I spent our first morning at the Milwaukee Public Market. What a great place! An old warehouse converted into a market where you can buy anything from fresh cheeses, to sweets, to amazing baked goods, to meat and fish. We decided to grab coffee and a pastry--a chocolate sticky bun, I think--and take it to the burrito place near the front entrance. We had a hard time choosing between all of the amazing burrito options, but settled on a Chipotle Chicken burrito and a Steak Burrito Verde.

I enjoyed our weekend a lot. We reveled in the luxury of finishing sentences, thoughts and meals together. And we shared our love with our friends by drumming and dancing at their wedding.

We have been married 3 short years, but it is as if our love has grown like a tree; a strong trunk supports bountiful, supple branches and sweet fruit. But enjoying the sweet reward of the (sometimes very) hard work of marriage wasn't my favorite part; it was sowing new seeds of love.


My Little Space said...

Hey, Happy Anniversary Othelia! I'm sure you had a great time. The food looks marvellous. Hope you're having a great week ahead.
Blessings, Kristy

Peef said...

Congrats on another year of wedded bliss! Glad you went to Crazy Water and had a good time. Also happy that your experience in Milwaukee was a good one. Don't be a stranger!

Leslie said...

Congratulations :) Looks like you had quite a delicious adventure. Love the new look of your blog also!