Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tatsoi, the Beautiful

I made a very superficial decision this past week: I bought something purely for its good looks.

No, it's not a new pair of shoes (but that's not a bad idea!). Thankfully, it was much cheaper than new shoes.

Despite what people say, I think that impulse decisions, if made from the heart, are usually spot on. Not that I condone wild purchasing frenzies, or recommend them. I have regretted a impulse buy a time or two. But when I plucked a gorgeous rosette of Tatsoi from the produce aisle at the Co-op, without having a clue what I would make with it, I couldn't have been happier.

I tenderly placed it on top of my grocery bags, giving it celebrity status. I took it home and stared at it. Wow. Perfect oval green leaves accented by cream-colored stems. It was larger than a dinner plate, opening fearlessly to the world.

I proceeded to wash it, sautee it and add it to a batch of coconut milk curry soup I had made the day before. It was tender and delicious, and I could feel its beauty and life force resonate through my body. Tatsoi, nice to meet you.


Lo said...

I must admit, my imagination has also been captured by Tatsoi. And its beauty is all the more seductive, since it's quite fleeting (Tatsoi doesn't keep as well as other greens & is best when very fresh). Love this post!

Fresh Local and Best said...

Isn't this a beautiful vegetable? It resembles peacock feathers. I like your idea of adding it into coconut curry. I've added tatsoi to miso soup once, it was so good.

A Plum By Any Other Name said...

Ha! Don't worry. I did the same thing yesterday at the farmers' market when I bought a cabbages solely for its purple-tipped leaves.

It does look quite lovely. No judgement here ... plus you know my history with bosc pears! ;)

Megan said...

Hello dear! I love that you gave it "celebrity status" at the top of your bag! Hooray for this beautiful, stunning member of the brassica family! xoxo Megs