Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Malian Meals

I ate well in Africa. Usually I come back from Africa a bit thinner, but not this time. Suffice to say were were very well fed (why did this underline, I have no idea).

Breakfasts included deeply fried eggs, fresh French bread and coffee, often accompanied by a warm millet porridge and fried banana fritters. Lunch was always a hot meal of rice (less often corn polenta) and sauce-peanut sauce, onion sauce, "water sauce", okra sauce, vegetable sauce, etc.

Dinner was lighter, sort of. We had fresh salads piled with vegetables, fries and grilled meat, or a plate of amaranth couscous with fried plantains and chicken (duga), or heaps of beans topped with fried onions and seasoned meat (sho), or stewed yucca (coo). Notice the heavy usage of the word "fried"? Sometimes, we ate out--you can't take beer and pizza out of Wisconsinites (our French friend ate pasta:)!

Here are some photos of our favorite meals. (Our cook Sarata, the typical pot they use to cook, stewed yucca, a plate of beans, millet porridge, at the Relax, breakfast salad, seasoned rice, amaranth with plantains, salad, and our attempt at making a salsa fresca.)You'll notice in one of them I am cooking. I started to cook our eggs, since we preferred them with much less oil. The Malians were convinced that the eggs wouldn't cook right, but they cooked perfectly:) We agreed to disagree.

Recipes to follow...


thriftydabbler said...

....this all looks good.
Especially the veggies.

MommyMatter said...

Such a delicious idea! Thanks for sharing this.

Otehlia said...

thanks for the feedback. Hope I get to some recipes soon--the food was delicious!