Saturday, March 26, 2011

Culinary Tour 2011-A Fabulous Finale

We arrived back from Valldolid on Wednesday night. Thursday, despite our itinerary which said “Boat trip to Isla Contoy—weather permitting” no one wanted to leave Casa de Las Palmas. Not to mention the weather was not permitting. We hung out by the pool, sat around the large kitchen table, and napped in the hammocks on the big veranda while the storm clouds rolled in.

Our afternoon class featured a tamale-making lesson by Chef Lori. By 5 pm Lori had showed us how to mix the tamale dough and wrap the tamales. A large pot of water boiled on the stove ready to steam the tamales, and we all paused to fill some glasses with refreshments (read tequila and juice).

The distant thunder suddenly broke into a full-fledged storm. Rain poured down and lightening blazed. All of the sudden darkness enveloped us—the electricity was out.

The group of foodie tour goers took action at once. Flashlights to see the tamales, check; candles for the table, check. We proceeded with the class, realizing that we couldn't blend our salsas in the blender, but no one cared. The mood of the dinner was wonderful, and everyone appreciated the “real Mexican” adventure.

The last full day, many people again chose to relax at the beach, or by the pool, or shop for gifts. Lori and I planned out farewell dinner--a Mexican Fiesta. We celebrated friends made, meals eaten and adventures enjoyed. We set out plates of grilled mango and panela cheese, followed by a chicken caldo with pasilla chiles. We then moved on to enchilada “stackers”, with potatoes, poblanos, chayote, nopales and garlic shrimp, topped with a mango salsa and sweet chiptole sauce. A Spanish-influenced dessert ended the meal—bluecheese “cheesecake” with tamarind-balsamic reduction served with sweet crackers.

All in all this was a wonderful culinary tour, with great people and delicious food. I can't wait until the next one. Maybe I'll see you there! Hasta la proxima vez!


Leslie said...

Looks like a fun and delicious trip :) Oh and I'm very impressed with the headstand!

Otehlia said...

Me, too! That was my friend Amy who teaches yoga.