Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I Heart Willy Street

Willy Street is under construction for the summer, all the more reason to stop in at any number of Willy Street's great shops, bakeries, and restaurants. Here are my top 10 foodie picks for Willy Street from East to West. What are yours?
  1. Batch Bakehouse – where to begin, where to end? The baguettes and croissants please my Francophile husband, while the dense apple cake makes my Midwestern heart sing.

  2. Mickey's Tavern – Everyone raves about the “sexy fries”, but my favorite is the Bloody Mary. Is that food? Oh, and the Malian Blues music every second Wednesday.

  3. ACE – ACE is the place. Stop into this very friendly neighborhood hardware store for, well, just about anything, including treats for your kids, local honey and coffee from Just Coffee.

  4. Ha Long Bay – Love the Pho. Huge menu, great flavors!

  5. Lazy Jane's – scones, need I say more? Okay, fine, scramblers, too.

  6. The Kitchen Gallery - I love this store. Find your inspiration to cook, or even just to serve your take-out on something beautiful.

  7. Willy Street Coop – Best price on organic strawberries, period. We go through about a pint/day.

  8. Star LiquorYahara Bay distillery's Apple Brandy makes any baked good better, and I'll get a 6-pack of New Glarus' Stone Soup for Drummer Man.

  9. Roman Candle Pizza - I'll take the roasted red pepper soup over pizza anyday, but my son loves, loves, loves their pizza—especially the supreme.

  10. Madison Sourdough – Grab fresh bread, or a raspberry tart for a light snack. Better yet, meet a friend for lunch. They use lots of locally sourced ingredients. I loved the roast beef sandwich, and I don't even like beef.

  11. There are too many to stop at 10, but I did. Feel free to add on!


nichole said...

This list made me hungry. Hm, what to add - maybe La Rocca's? And is the hot dog cart out outside St. Vinnie's these days?

Otehlia said...

Oh, yes, La Rocca's is great, and of course the Cuban man who sells hot dogs--he's still there. He always calls me "mami" which I like better than "ma'am.":)