Monday, May 2, 2011

Teriyaki Chicken Burger

Where's the beef?

When the sun is shining and you have 4 pounds of ground chicken (courtesy of Gold n' Plump) left in your freezer, who needs beef? The secret to a nice juicy chicken burger is adding enough liquid to the mix. I found a combination that I really love. Summer, I'm ready for you!


1 pound Gold n' Plump ground chicken

1 shallot chopped

1 clove garlic

1 egg whisked with ¼ cup milk

¼ – 1/3 cup bread crumbs

salt, pepper

herbs such as oregano, basil, or any others you like

3 tbsp each soy sauce, Worchestershire sauce

1 tbsp rice vinegar

1 tbsp corn syrup (I'm going for something like a teriyaki sauce)


Mix well and let sit about 20 minutes, covered.

Oil your grill and form patties (they will feel wet, but they will hold together, I promise)

Grill on one side 'til golden. Flip after 5 minutes or so, then cook until golden on both sides and cooked through. Top with cheese and other condiments. I like a wasabi mayonaise, lettuce and grilled onions.


Carolyn Jung said...

Definitely helps, too, if you use dark meat chicken. More fat -- thus, more flavor and moisture. After all, fat IS good. OK, just not on the hips, though. ;)

Cathy said...

I'm trying to use more chicken and less beef in our diets too. Love the seasonings you've used in your burgers and all the "fixins" as well.

Otehlia said...

I was honestly surprised how good the chicken tasted. I was a little doubtful-shhh.. It is really flavorful, and holds up well where I have used beef before.