Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lao-Laan Xang's Mobile Fare

As if all the reasons we already love Lao-Laan Xang weren't enough—the delicious mango sticky rice, the savory curries, and the great atmosphere—there are more. If you need still convincing, just go and eat the food:)

Mobile Lunch

They have a food cart! I visited their fire-engine-red cart today on UW-Madison's southeast campus, and devoured some mango-pineapple curry with tofu. Sone Inthachith, co-owner of Atwood's Lao-Laan Xang, started his mobile food operation only two weeks ago. The cart is located just east of the corner of Mills and Johnson.

Ethnic and Local

Lao Laan Xang buys as much produce from local farmers as they can during the summer season. “We go to the farmer's market twice a week and stock up. We have farmers who are growing peppers and squash for us,” Sone explained. Their specialty items have to be shipped in, of course.

Curry for the Community

Sone was ready to pack up as I arrived today—he was on his way to the protest at the Capitol Square to donate his delicious fare to the protestors. (You might still get some if you hurry!)

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My Little Space said...

Hi Othelia, great to see you posting something. You know what, how I wish I can owned a truck like this to run my own food business. Hopefully, my dream will come true one day. Thanks for sharing.
You have a lovely day, dear.
Blessings, Kristy