Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Summer Drinks for Everyone!

During the winter I drink tea. I love sipping on a nice, hot cup of herb tea. Come summer, I usually just go for water, but this summer I have had fun experimenting with some refreshing—and pink—drinks.

I started out trying to make a smoothie that I could pass off as “fun” and possibly even “ice cream” to my daughter. Out of my mouth came “Yogi Bear Milkshake.” Out of the blender came a mixture of fresh-frozen raspberries, vanilla coconut milk (like the beverage in a box, not the canned stuff for cooking) frozen bananas, and a touch of honey. It was bright pink, and delicious in it's simplicity. The kids loved them (please ignore the corn dogs:)

In Mexico, the agua frescas are addictive. Light, refreshing and full of natural fruit flavor-mango, pineapple, even cactus. I love watermelon, and after hearing about cold watermelon soup on Splendid Table, I decided to make a soup/agua fresca combo drink. Lynne Rossetto Kasper mentioned that she always adds citrus, some spice, a bit of fish sauce (!) and the sweet fruit to a cold fruit soup. I blended about 2 cups of watermelon with a squeeze of lime, a tbsp of sugar, a dash (¼ tsp) fish sauce and grated ginger (1 tsp). I then added a bit of mint as a garnish. It was so delicious—and pink!

Hibiscus juice is another beverage that I have had in the tropics, Mexico as well as Africa (in Mali they call it “dableni” or red mouth.) I decided that I needed an adult beverage (after all it is hump day!). I made sweetened hibiscus tea mixed with a ginger simple syrup. Then I poured some over ice, added a squeeze of lime, a splash ( a large one) of tequila and garnish with mint. Also pinkish.

I love summer, and am trying to make the most of it. What are you drinking this summer?

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My Little Space said...

Oh love your drinks! The weather is turning crazy these days. And I am having ice cream here. It keeps me cool.
Hope you're having a great day ahead, dear.