Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kale Alterna-slaw

Sorry, I don't have time to blog too much. And why not? 'Cause, it's summer vacation. No, I'm not sitting home eating bonbons getting a tan. Nor am I watching all those movies on my Netflix queue. Nope, it's just that my kids aren't in school.

Though I am a former homeschooler, I have to say I love public school. Or any activity that occupies my kids and gives me a little time each day to focus on my own life and work.

Speaking of work, the other reason my blogs are in short order is that I am starting a restaurant tour business! Watch for World of Flavors restaurant tours starting this fall--or maybe spring. Madison's eclectic and flavorful eastside, first up. I am so excited!

I have made time to chop kale. I am thoroughly addicted to kale slaw. I have made it with various veggies, but kale and apple are the base. Takes 10 minutes. SOOOOO good.

Kale Alterna-slaw

1 bunch fresh, tender kale
1 yummy apple
1 large carrot (I substituted tomatillos one time--pretty yummy)

1/2 cup mayo
juice of 1/2 lemon
1/4 cup (maybe a little less?) rice vinegar
1-2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt

Finely chop kale (very thin!), grate other veggies, or finely chop. Mix dressing ingredients and pour over veggies. Wait about 3 minutes for juices to release and mix, and enjoy.


Lo said...

Honestly, this looks so good. Somehow I always manage to COOK my kale, and I really need to get better about eating it raw.

Maybe this will be a first?

Otehlia said...

It is really good. I actually prefer it to cooked kale.

thriftydabbler said...

I DID eat this 2 times at Otehlia's house.
It is fantastic and the kale does NOT overpower.
The mayo is a nice touch. I like this better than cabbage slaw and will make it when my next batch of kale comes in. Great going Ot :D