Thursday, September 22, 2011

Slow Cooker Thursday: Beef Stew

I've decided that Thursdays should be Slow Cooker Thursdays.

That way, when I have to meet my son at 2:45 after school, get my daughter at 5, take my son to soccer at 5:30, pick him up at 6:45 and get to dance class by 7:15, I feel a little less crazy.

I even have time to blog about it...

Soup's on, folks, help yourself!

Basic Beef Stew

1 beef roast (I had a Trader Joes tri-tip roast)
2 onions
3 potatoes
some green beans
1 kohlrabi
a few carrots
use whatever you have!

bay leaves, 2 cloves garlic
oregano, salt pepper
1/2 cup red wine

Sear salted meat in skillet on each side
Then throw chopped veggies in skillet and sautee a few minutes
throw it all in slow cooker (veggies on bottom)
add wine, herbs, garlic, water to cover
Cook on low about 6 hours or until meat is tender and falling apart.
Add salt to taste, tear up meat and serve.


Fresh Local and Best said...

The slow cooker is a terrific solution! especially for such a busy schedule as yours! The beef stew looks delicious and nourishing!

Otehlia said...

Let's see if it lasts longer than a week!