Thursday, January 5, 2012

Looking Forward to 2012

Happy New Year!

It's almost too late to write a New Year's post; people are already breaking their resolutions (you know who you are!) Okay, I am too, I admit. I was going to, make that AM going to, go on a cleanse, but I keep nibbling on chocolate. Chocolate is decidedly not part of my cleanse. Or is it?

Anyway, instead of recapping 2011—I don't really want to look back, anyway—I decided that I will share what I look forward to in 2012. Not resolutions per se (those just get broken), but, um, intentions (sounds corny, I know). It's not like 2011 was bad, it's just that the end of the year was a bit rough. I heard about some kidnappings in Mali in the city of Timbuktu, and that really affected me. And there were some family stressors that just got me down.

But looking forward, my husband reminds me that we planted lots of seeds in 2011 (not just the vegetable kind), and I think things are really going to blossom this year.

Here's what I'm looking forward to:

  1. More cake. I resolved to make more cake in 2012. I started yesterday by making a chocolate cake (top photo). The frosting, from Foodalution, is the bomb!

  2. Enjoying the time I have with my kids. It goes so fast.

  3. Unifying my foodie exploits. I am teaching cooking classes at Orange Tree Imports, and Milwaukee Public Market. I will be regularly contributing to Madison Magazine, and I think my restaurant tours will grow! I want to add farm tours, and really do something food-ilicious to help my community, and my family in Africa. I am looking to organizations like Kabillo Community Center, Culture Kitchen, Slow Food and The Goodman Community Center for inspiration.

  4. Kombucha. Yep, I am going for the 30 day challenge! You know, adding more NessAlla Kombucha to my diet is not a problem. It's what I'm going to give up. Coffee, or wine? Or chocolate.

  5. Dancing! You know, I dance weekly with an amazing group of women (WADOMA), and I hope I never have to give that up. I also get to share my passion when I teach African Dance class each week at Dance Fabulous. Sometimes we bust out Jazzercise routines, too. I think we are going to take our dancing to another level, branch out, have fun and live in joy! Dancing is my moving meditation and source of love!

  6. Visiting friends and family. More than any thing, I want to spend time with my friends, especially those I haven't seen (you know who you are, and you probably don't read my blog:), and my cousins who I used to visit so regularly as a kid. Clean your guest rooms people!

  7. Faith. Have faith that I am loved, that I have something greater to offer the world, and that I can make a difference in my community and in other communities through food and dance love.

  8. Growing my looking at blogs I love. Here are some of my faves, though there are sooo many that I admire. My Little Space; BURP; Cakewalk; FoodGal; Fresh, Local and Best; A Plum By any Other Name; Serious Eats; Adventures with the Allens...

Happy New Year everyone! May it be your best yet.

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