Monday, January 23, 2012

Restaurant Week Jan 22-27th

I don't know about you, but it takes something special to get me out of the house during the winter. Putting on all those layers, scraping windshields and shoveling sidewalks are pretty good motivators--to stay inside!

How about a three course meal for only $25 ($15 for lunch) at some of Madison's favorite restaurants? Yes, it's Madison Restaurant Week, one of Madison Magazine's fun food events. Perfect reason to get out!

With so many restaurants to pick from, how do you choose?
Here are the places I would love to try:

Sardine - They got me at Mushroom crepe, leeks, Mornay sauce and petite salad, and Cherry butter cake, chantilly crème and cherry reduction sauce. Enough said.

Avenue Bar - Right in our neighborhood, yet I've never been. My husband, Drummer Man, and I love pub food, and beer. It must be those Irish and German roots! Fish and chips, and carrot cake? Heaven.

Inca Heritage - South Park Street is full of great ethnic eats, and Inca Heritage earns rave reviews. I've yet to go, but doesn't rice tamale seasoned with amazonic spices, olive, egg and wrapped in banana leaves accompanied by crispy duck confit garnished with exotic Cocona fruit reductions (fruit from Amazonic region), and handmade truffle with tempting manjarblanco of Lucuma fruit, Maracuya cheesecake sound amazing?

La Brioche True Food - Any restaurant that cares about the feng shui as much as they do about the menu sounds intriguing. Especially when the menu includes Pork confit, apple, daikon radish, gruyere, rye crouton and Beef brisket, house polenta, cherry demi glace. Plus I never venture to the West Side to eat. And I should.


manga mboa said...

yummi yummi this receipe seems delicious I just discovered your blog. Love love the receipe you inspire me to start my own blog. As a new menber I hope you will visit me soon. God Bless

Otehlia said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I spent some time in Cameroon, and LOVE the food! Roasted plums, nbongo chobi, the beans.....Yum!

Fresh Local and Best said...

They all sound good, and I would try to go to all of them. But if I had to choose it would be Inca Heritage. The menu sounds so exotic.

Otehlia said...

Yes, people keep talking about Inca Heritage, but I have yet to go. I hope to soon! Maybe Valentine's Day? hint, hint, husband.