Friday, February 10, 2012

Avenue Bar

It seems to take as long for me to post about a restaurant meal as it does for me to get a sitter so my husband and I can go out to eat.

But when I received two vouchers to go to Avenue Bar during Restaurant Week , I got right on it (the sitter part, I mean).

Avenue Bar on East Washington Ave was one of the participating restaurants during Restaurant Week, and is right in our neighborhood. Like so many of our great local restaurants, I had not yet been there, and was delighted to have a chance to experience some real Wisconsin supper club fare.

The food at Avenue Bar is all about comfort--soups, steaks, cakes, and, from what I hear, a great fish fry. While I enjoyed marinated salmon and rice pilaf, my husband opted for the steak. The very large steak. It was juicy and smothered in mushrooms and onions (we had the leftovers for breakfast with eggs). Dessert included a rich and warm bread pudding, and cup of liquor infused ice cream--a nightcap and dessert all in one.

Though the food and the decor could use a tad of updating (only my humble opinion. I suppose that's its appeal to many folks) the meal will certainly fill you up--as much with a great Sconnie vibe as with eats!

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manga mboa said...

How was your meat cooked? The desert seems good to try;

Otehlia said...

I think medium rare. The dessert was goo,d but actually very strong! Almost like a shot with ice cream:)