Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Black-Bottom Lime Mousse Tart with Raspberries

I've been waiting to share some great news. It's like being pregnant--I just want to make sure the baby is healthy before telling everyone.

No, I'm not pregnant! I said it's like being pregnant.

I am the new monthly recipe columnist for Madison Magazine! My first article will appear in the April issue and you better believe I'll be shamelessly flaunting that baby like a proud mama.

The magazine's photographer came over the other day to take a head shot and wanted "something I'd cooked" in the background. Oh, boy. That was cause for major planning. Something beautiful. Something that can keep for a bit at room temperature. Something delicious that I could share.

I decided on a black-bottom lime mousse tart. With ganache. And raspberries. And raspberry sauce. I figured if the food looked great no one would notice my fine lines. Or the fact that the apron I tried to sew the night before the shoot wasn't hemmed. And had really messy stitching.

I worked hard on that mousse tart, carefully mixing, pouring and chilling the ingredients. I topped it with only the finest organic fruit. I painstakingly decorating the tart (it turned out much better than the apron!), and I proudly displayed it for all (well, me, the photographer and my son) to see. And I took my favorite picture ever. I hope you enjoy the creation of this column as much as I do!

Black Bottom Lime Mousse with Raspberries

Black Bottom:

2 cups Trader Joe's chocolate cat cookies
1/4 cup toasted coconut flakes
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 cup sugar
6 tbsp butter

Pulverize dry ingredients in food processor til very fine. Drizzle in butter. Press into springform pan and chill til set.


8 oz chocolate chips (semi-sweet chocolate or mix of semi-sweet and dark)

¾ cup cream

Bring cream to boil, remove from heat. Add in chips and stir until blended.

Pour over chilled crust and chill again until set.

Mousse Filling:

¾ cup key lime juice (can sub lemon, which I did here, but key lime is better)

one envelope powdered gelatin

4 eggs, separated

¾ cup granulated sugar

1 cup heavy cream

Raspberry Sauce:

14 oz bag frozen berries

2 tsp lemon juice

¼ cup sugar

1 tsp cornstarch

1 tsp vanilla

1 tbsp Grand Marneir

Heat berries gently until they release juices. Strain.

Heat again to gentle simmer and add all ingredients except cornstarch. Take a small amount of suace and dissolve cornstarch. Add to reset of sauce and stir, simmering for about 5 min until thickened.

Bloom gelatin in ¼ cup of key lime juice.

Whip 1 cup of heavy cream to soft peak on medium speed and store in the refrigerator while you make the rest of the mousse. In a heavy bottomed sauce pan, over medium heat, whisk yolks, ½ cup sugar and ½ cup key lime juice until thick and coats the back of a spoon. Remove from heat and whisk in bloomed gelatin until dissolved.

Transfer lime juice mixture to a bowl and chill to room temperature. While the key lime mixture is chilling. Whip whites in a clean dry bowl with a clean dry whip. Whip on medium speed until whites achieve soft peaks, being careful not to over whip the whites.

Gently fold egg whites into whipped cream. Then fold whites/cream mixture into key lime mixture being careful to not deflate the whites and cream.

Pour onto crust (I used springform pan) and chill to set.

Garnish with softly whipped cream (optional) and grated lime zest, and raspberries.

Top with raspberry sauce.


AZ said...

Congratulations, Otehlia! I'll look forward to the columns.

AZ said...

Congratulations, Otehlia! I'll look forward to the columns.

Rebecca Subbiah said...

beautiful dessert and congrats on the new job :-) you love fab in the photo

Otehlia said...

Thanks you all! Exiting times--and busy times.

Beth said...

Congratulations to you! This dessert looks incredible.

Fresh Local and Best said...

Congratulations! I am sooooo proud of you for scoring this job and creating such an incredible dessert!

Marina@Picnic at Marina said...


Otehlia said...

Thank you all. You may not hear from me for a while, as I start writing for a real, paying publication. ha ha.

Leslie said...

Congratulations and I love this cake and the new look of your blog :)

Mari said...

You have a wonderful blog! I like your lime mousse tart, the presentation is beautiful and I am sure it is great tasting too!

Have a marvelous week :)

Anonymous said...

Hi OT,
I'm making the Black-Bottom for a wine dinner this Saturday. Paired with champagne. I was also considering the choc. cake with vanilla mouse filling and violets. Any thoughts on which would pair better?


Otehlia said...

Oooh, they sounds great. I think the mousse would pair nicely with wine, and since violets are hard to come by now, maybe more seasonal? Also the mousse requires less cooking--less heat in the house! I'm not sure where you live, but there are still some berries around, or you could top the mousse with strawberries. Strawberries might be nice if you do decide to go with the cake. ENjoy, and tell me how it goes!