Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Gold N Plump Chicken Sausage and Pasta w/ Garden Herbs

I was an immediate fan of Gold’n Plump ground chicken after they generously sent me a sample last fall. So when they offered to send me a sample of their new line of chicken sausages, I was very excited. Though I like pork, I am not smitten with brats and pork sausages. They are too greasy for me. I have always like chicken sausages as an alternative, and Gold'n Plump chicken sausages are no exception.
I first sampled the Parmesan Italian sausage. I had already had a simple pasta dinner in mind, and the chicken sausage fit perfectly into the picture--and the bowl. I grilled the sausages whole, and tossed a few asparagus spears on the grill at the same time. Meanwhile I boiled some pasta, drained it and coated it with olive oil. I cut up the sausages and asparagus, tossed in fresh sage and parsley from the garden, and presto--a 20-minute dinner perfect for a hot summer night. Oh, wait don’t forget the parmesan; SarVecchio, how I love you!
My kids chose to add a bit, actually a lot, of tomato sauce, but I preferred the flavorful and simple taste of the sausage, cheese, asparagus and fresh herbs. Unfortunately, the breakfast sausages were devoured before I could photograph them, or even do anything more than heat and eat them; they are that good. Now, what delicious fate awaits the Hot Italian sausages and brats...?